“To contribute to empowering our youth to determine and optimize their own destinies. To do so by providing critical literacy and skills development opportunities to enable young people to take personal control of their identity, self worth and futures.”

The GoGetters Foundation concept was first originated and formalised in 2005. It has been gradually refined ever since. It is based on the personal experience of one of the GoGetters Foundation directors. She realized that most of our country’s youth are faced with such tremendous challenges that personal success in life is just that critical step beyond their reach; there is a gap which needs bridging. The GoGetters Foundation intends providing that vital link, or bridge, by helping young people to achieve the critical reach to cross from despair to opportunity. The GoGetters Foundation will provide skills development assistance through projects to deliver results to society.

The seven directors of the GoGetters Foundation did not come about by accident. They are all experienced and positioned to optimize the Foundation’s results.